Wednesday, June 27, 2007

post party update

Hi Everyone, this is Kobe and Faylin's Mom. I'm sorry we haven't been able to write since the party, but we have been very busy being hosts for Bella. This week she's gone to camp with Kobe and Faylin during the day, and last night we all went to the dog park. We got to see the greyhouds ( Bella, Marco and Milo) and their new addidion Orville. Buddy was also there and so was Chip the shetland sheepdog who really likes Faylin. Foxy was also there she's a shiba too. Her and Kobe were really good friends last year but have'nt seen her in a while.

Last week in obedience class Faylin's trainer jokingly called her a "hot dog hoar" don't be offended by this, we weren't. Faylin will anything for a Nathan's hot dog treat, or so it seems. So I decided to test this theory at agility class on Monday night. It's True... Faylin was so good in class. The first week she was very nervous and it I didn't think we were going to be good at it at all. This week she was up and down the A-frame, on the dog walk, even the teeter totter. She jumped through a tire and went through a tunnel. I was so proud of her. We had so much fun and she ate so many treats. By the end she was doing everything without a lot of food compensation. We can't wait until next week. The trainer also told everyone about how good Kobe was at agility last year. Maybe Faylin heard that and didn't want her big brother to be disappointed in her. Hopefully Kobe will be starting classes again soon. I'll try to get some pictures or video at next weeks class.

Isa is emailing me more pictures from the party so I will some pics of Trixie and Riggs on the blog soon. I spoke to Niko's Mom last night and the new puppy will be coming home soon. She is so cute, I'll post more pictures of her as well. I'm at work right now, and I need Kobe to help post pics.

Don't tell Faylin I blogged without her.....


Buddy said...

Hey your Mom still taking you to lure chasing Friday nite. What time does it start?

PreciOus said...

Your mom getting a little sibling for you both? Anyway, can't wait to see pictures of the new puppy. *Grinz*