Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hi again

Hi Everyone, I hope everything is going well. We finally went to the park on Saturday, it had been awhile. Mom's off this Saturday so we'll probably get to go again. Last week we went to our Friend Nanook and Pooka's house. We had fun, they have such a nice yard to play in. (And Pooka is a very good kisser)

Our friend Bella is having a Birthday party next week. Mom bought me a new dress to wear to the party. I'm going to look very cute. I hope everyone is having a great summer and getting some fun in before the fall gets here. My Bday is Oct 21, it will be here soon. This will be my first fall, Mom says it's her favorite season and we will be having lots of fun.
Faylin :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post party excuses

Hi Everyone, I am so sorry that my Mom has not helped me update sooner. She has lots of excuses, we had to go to the Maine for a while and then she started a new job, and now she's interviewing for another, and there has been a lot of crocheting to do.

Anyway, the party was a success two dogs were adopted and everyone who came was very nice and make all kinds of donations. There were even some friends who couldn't make it but still contributed. We appreciated everything.

We also appreciate you kind folks who have continued to check us out even though we have been neglecting our blog. Check out the pics from our party.

My big brother Kobe, looking too cute.


The beautiful and delicious Banana Honey Cake.

This is Trigger he was a party guest.

This is Milo all dressed up.

Here's Buddy taking a dip, and Marco, Milo and Bella, watching for incoming puppies.

Here I am getting a little to much attention from a new friend. He may seem a little pushy but he was actually very sweet and he was adopted at the party and his new family is very happy with him.

This is Daisey, This was her first party with us but we play with her at the park too.

To the left are Trixie and Bella, they are our friends fron the dog park. The yorkie is a very sweet boy still up for adoption. To the right are Nanook and Pooka, you should all know them from their verty famous blog.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Party Planning Again

Hi Everyone, We are getting ready for another party. This one is special because it is going to help an animal rescue group called Waggy Tails. They are a group of very nice people who foster dogs and cats that don't have homes. Often they are dogs that would have been euthanized in a local shelter. Our friends from the dog park Marco, Milo and Bella were all adopted by our very special human friend Amy and her husband from a different animial shelter. But recently they adopted Orville from Waggy Tails.

Amy and my Mom love us very much and always enjoy spending time with and spoiling us, and having parties. They decided to incorporate all those things by throwing adoption parties. This is their first one and they are very excited about it. All for Doggies in Shrewsbury Nj is where we go to daycare/ camp, and they are letting us use one of their yards, they are also giving a very nice incentive to anyone who adopts one of the dogs that day. The Prince and the Pawper in Ocean Twshp Nj also donated a door price. )This is where I take my obedience classes with Raquel) She is the best trainer, my Mom really likes her too. Apparently we have learned a lot. Amy and my Grandma have some other cool prizes and my Mom is crocheting blankets for the foster dogs to hopefully bring to their new homes.

We invited a lot of our friends from the park and from daycare. I hope they can all come. There will be another fabulous dog Cake made by Frieda's Favorites, and Mom is making doggie ice cream cakes too. It will be so much fun. Instead of everyone bringing more snacks for us or for the people, they are going to bring items off of a wish list that the Waggy Tail people said they needed. The Waggy Tail people are going to bring a few of their dogs to the party, and hopefully they will make a new best friend, and someone will go home with a new brother or sister. Even if no one gets adopted that day at least will have more pictures to post and people can show their friends and family. You never know... You may fall in love with one of these guys.
Talk to you soon...
Kobe and Faylin

Monday, July 9, 2007

More photos

Here are some follow up photos from the last post. I'm still have trouble with layouts. Sorry.
Here's Toby running through the tunnel.
Here's me and Bella at a 4th of July party.
See how nicely we sit.

This is me and Toby before class. We love to play together.

Graduation Day

Faylin and Toby on Graduation Day!!!

Hi Everyone, Sorry it's been so long. Things have been very crazy, but hopefully we're getting back to normal. This weekend we had lots of fun. We went to Nanook and Pooka's house and played in their yard, and their Mom makes the best frozen treats for us. The boys ( Kobe, Nanook and Pooka) were being boys and Kobe hurt his foot. Everyone was very worried about him because he kept licking it and was limping around alot. He even let Mom hold him, and he's usually way to cool for that. He's feeling much better now, chasing me around the house like normal. We also tried an enormous bone at their house and loved it. Mom liked because it was big enough for us to share, so there was no squabbling.

On Sunday I graduated from advance obedience. That's sounds harder then it was. Everyone said I did a great job. I did a sit stay for 1 minute, a down stay for 2 min. I came when called and then came around back to heel position. I almost always heel very nicely. Then we got to start learning some tricks. We are working on bow, dance, spin, and crawl. Our trainer says these are good things to learn, in case we do decide to run away one day we can join the circus. A puppy needs to earn his keep. I have some photos of my friend Toby and I celebrating Graduation Day.

Mom also wanted to clear up some confusion. We are not getting a new puppy. Our friend Niko and his family are getting the new addition. An adorable little girl. They have their own blog you can visit too. We also wanted to say Hi to Chance and his Mom, and thank her for the gift. We'll be emailing you pictures soon.

see ya later


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

post party update

Hi Everyone, this is Kobe and Faylin's Mom. I'm sorry we haven't been able to write since the party, but we have been very busy being hosts for Bella. This week she's gone to camp with Kobe and Faylin during the day, and last night we all went to the dog park. We got to see the greyhouds ( Bella, Marco and Milo) and their new addidion Orville. Buddy was also there and so was Chip the shetland sheepdog who really likes Faylin. Foxy was also there she's a shiba too. Her and Kobe were really good friends last year but have'nt seen her in a while.

Last week in obedience class Faylin's trainer jokingly called her a "hot dog hoar" don't be offended by this, we weren't. Faylin will anything for a Nathan's hot dog treat, or so it seems. So I decided to test this theory at agility class on Monday night. It's True... Faylin was so good in class. The first week she was very nervous and it I didn't think we were going to be good at it at all. This week she was up and down the A-frame, on the dog walk, even the teeter totter. She jumped through a tire and went through a tunnel. I was so proud of her. We had so much fun and she ate so many treats. By the end she was doing everything without a lot of food compensation. We can't wait until next week. The trainer also told everyone about how good Kobe was at agility last year. Maybe Faylin heard that and didn't want her big brother to be disappointed in her. Hopefully Kobe will be starting classes again soon. I'll try to get some pictures or video at next weeks class.

Isa is emailing me more pictures from the party so I will some pics of Trixie and Riggs on the blog soon. I spoke to Niko's Mom last night and the new puppy will be coming home soon. She is so cute, I'll post more pictures of her as well. I'm at work right now, and I need Kobe to help post pics.

Don't tell Faylin I blogged without her.....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pool party

Hi Everyone, We had so much fun yesterday at the party. I'm so happy just about everyone we invited was able to come. The weather was perfect, and Aunt Isa and the other camp counselors did a great job decorating and helping us host. Everyone loved the cake and Trixie's Mom brought us ice cream. For some reason I don't have a picture of Trixie in the computer. I will put one up soon. There is one on Nanook's blog though. They beat me to the post. We have an excuse though. Bella the rat terrier came over last night. She's staying with us all week. Everyone looked adorable and was very well behaved. We can't wait to have another one.

Isn't the cake pretty? It was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. All the puppies loved it. The lady who made it also made really nice party favors, but forgot to take a picture so you'll just have to trust us.

The moment we've been waiting for........Ice cream and Cake!!!!!

Kobe asking.. Are you sure there's no more cake?

Kobe looked very handsome, while welcoming all his friends to the party.

I love you so much, I will lick the water from your muzzie. Stop checking out that St Bernard, you player.

Nanook and Pooka sharing a pool.

Pooka really is too cute.

Kobe being a good host, greeting Nanook and Pooka.

Here's shot of me. ( Looking Festive) Above is Gucci, she plays at the park with us too. Here's Buddy, saving a seat for his Mom.

This is Bella ( toy rat terrier) She's also our house guest this week. Italian Greyhounds and Buddy eating frosty paws with there Moms. (Bella, Marco, and Milo) Orville the Chinese crested must have been lounging elsewhere at the moment.



Ohh Bubbles... Are they edible?

Faylin, Buddy, and Bowser. I believe that's Heidi in the background.