Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post party excuses

Hi Everyone, I am so sorry that my Mom has not helped me update sooner. She has lots of excuses, we had to go to the Maine for a while and then she started a new job, and now she's interviewing for another, and there has been a lot of crocheting to do.

Anyway, the party was a success two dogs were adopted and everyone who came was very nice and make all kinds of donations. There were even some friends who couldn't make it but still contributed. We appreciated everything.

We also appreciate you kind folks who have continued to check us out even though we have been neglecting our blog. Check out the pics from our party.

My big brother Kobe, looking too cute.


The beautiful and delicious Banana Honey Cake.

This is Trigger he was a party guest.

This is Milo all dressed up.

Here's Buddy taking a dip, and Marco, Milo and Bella, watching for incoming puppies.

Here I am getting a little to much attention from a new friend. He may seem a little pushy but he was actually very sweet and he was adopted at the party and his new family is very happy with him.

This is Daisey, This was her first party with us but we play with her at the park too.

To the left are Trixie and Bella, they are our friends fron the dog park. The yorkie is a very sweet boy still up for adoption. To the right are Nanook and Pooka, you should all know them from their verty famous blog.


PreciOus said...

Great pawty! You all had such fun!

Hope your mom finds a new job soon.


Sparky said...

It's great to see ya again! It looks like you all had a wonderful time at the pawty.


Sparky said...

Oopsy, I miss-spelled my name. Hehe...