Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kobe's b-day pics

Kobe looked so handsome in his Laker Jersey.

kobe's b-day

Kobe's Birthday party in March. It was suppose to me at Mom's friend's house but the weather was bad so we had to have it at home. The house was not big enough to hold all of the invited guests so only the usual suspect were there. Kobe "the guest of honor", Niko whose birthday was the same weekend, and Bella. It was a basketball themed party.


Kobe loves me.... Can you tell

Here we are with our friend Bella. She's a toy rat terrier and is usually very well dressed. When we play Kobe trys to pull her clothes off. Boys.....

Anyway Bella is going to stay with us in June. I think it will be fun, I've had lots of parties but this will be our first slumber party.

This is also the only time Mom was ever able to get all 3 of us still long enough to take a picture.

more photos

Here I am at around 4 months at the dog park. It seems like forever since then. I still follow my big brother around everywhere.


Hi I bet your surprised to hear from me so soon. Hopefully I'll be showing some more pictures today, not that our butts in the air aren't wonderful. We went to daycare today and had so much fun. We are so tired. My Mom signed me up for agility today, I can't wait!! I'm very good at hurdling baby gates so hopefully I'll be successful. If not I still get lots of treats. Its really a win, win for me.

I also wanted to say Hi and thank you so much for the nice welcome to blogdom. We were very happy to hear from so many nice puppies and their people.
Ok we managed to get a picture on. Yeah!!!! This is me and Kobe the first day we met.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

sorry it took so long

Hi Everyone, We are with our friends again today. My Person Mom has been busy and has not been keeping up with the blog. She promises to try and do better. My brother and I went to daycare this morning and now we're at our friend Nanook's house. You may have read his blog ,its pretty popular with our friends. His Mom keeps it very current and full of entertainment and education. When we get home later we will try and upload some photos. We are very cute, hopefully that will make up for my Mom's blogs.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Our friend came over today to help us start our own blog.