Monday, July 9, 2007

Graduation Day

Faylin and Toby on Graduation Day!!!

Hi Everyone, Sorry it's been so long. Things have been very crazy, but hopefully we're getting back to normal. This weekend we had lots of fun. We went to Nanook and Pooka's house and played in their yard, and their Mom makes the best frozen treats for us. The boys ( Kobe, Nanook and Pooka) were being boys and Kobe hurt his foot. Everyone was very worried about him because he kept licking it and was limping around alot. He even let Mom hold him, and he's usually way to cool for that. He's feeling much better now, chasing me around the house like normal. We also tried an enormous bone at their house and loved it. Mom liked because it was big enough for us to share, so there was no squabbling.

On Sunday I graduated from advance obedience. That's sounds harder then it was. Everyone said I did a great job. I did a sit stay for 1 minute, a down stay for 2 min. I came when called and then came around back to heel position. I almost always heel very nicely. Then we got to start learning some tricks. We are working on bow, dance, spin, and crawl. Our trainer says these are good things to learn, in case we do decide to run away one day we can join the circus. A puppy needs to earn his keep. I have some photos of my friend Toby and I celebrating Graduation Day.

Mom also wanted to clear up some confusion. We are not getting a new puppy. Our friend Niko and his family are getting the new addition. An adorable little girl. They have their own blog you can visit too. We also wanted to say Hi to Chance and his Mom, and thank her for the gift. We'll be emailing you pictures soon.

see ya later



Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

I'm so glad that Kobe is feeling better! and that picture of you smiling is great!

A&S said...

congratulations! i only made it to intermediate obedience, but maybe i'll go back one day.